Qualities of IMIR

Independence: One of the most important qualities of IMIR has always been its independence. IMIR’s work has never been influenced by the need to follow a certain political option or by a desire to extract economic benefits.


Impartiality: IMIR never chooses sides and never gives preferences to any political, religious or ethnic group which is a subject of its research. The only “exception” one can point at is IMIR’s relation to the underprivileged and marginalized groups of society. IMIR has always been a staunch and vocal supporter of such groups. Despite its neutrality, IMIR always had a strong and clear civic position, based on tolerance and pacifism.


Professionalism: IMIR works with a number of top Bulgarian experts, which makes its expert base one of the best both in the country and in the region. IMIR has never failed to fulfil the tasks, assigned to it by donors and contractors. All the work has always been performed with the highest possible quality and within the given deadlines. The result of IMIR’s professionalism is the increasing number of invitations for participation in international project and on important international conferences.


Openness: IMIR is always open to new partnerships, new challenges and new ideas. The list of organizations and institutions IMIR cooperates with is constantly increasing and currently includes over 80 organizations from almost all European countries and even from Japan. The scope of IMIR’s work is also constantly on the rise, as IMIR never refuses a new challenge. Thus, the Center is turning its attention also to the conflict zones in Middle East and the Caucasus, while continuing to pay attention to its “traditional” area of interest, the Southeast Europe


Trustworthiness: Regular audits, conducted both in the response to the Bulgarian legislation and on demand of the donors, have shown that IMIR has always operated immaculately and that not a single dollar has been misappropriated. Even more important evaluation comes from the society and from the colleagues and partners in Bulgaria, the Balkan region and the world. IMIR’s research and practical work is treated with respect, which is demonstrated by the increasing interest towards IMIR as a partner, consultant and evaluator.

Social impact: IMIR has significant authority as an analytical and consulting Center whose expertise is demanded by the diplomatic corps in Bulgaria, by external observers and journalists, as well as by governmental institutions. When a public debate on a significant topics is up for discussion, the publications of the Chair of the Board of Directors, of some of its members and IMIR’s experts have great influence on the formation of the public opinion. Specialists of the Center appear regularly in public on topics related to tension between Islam and Christianity or the increase of negative attitudes towards Roma in Bulgaria and in Europe.